This morning I lay in bed and asked myself, “why must I get out of bed?”. But I knew it was what the day required of me, so I got up anyway. Then, as i was going about my day I thought to myself, “why must I be kind to people who annoy me out of my wits?” , but I knew I should, so I was kind anyway. And at last, I found myself, at the end of the day, with a great peice of chocolate cake in front of me. I asked myself, “why should I eat this cake?” But I realized it was because I could, so I did anyway. This Evening I lay in bed, and I thought, “Why should I believe in God?”, and I realized, it was not because I was required to, or because I should, or because I could, It was because I could not survive a day without him. The assuring knowledge that I am here for a purpose. That He is my answer. And that is why.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Sweet Joyness – you are altogether wonderful and as I know full well, part of that is due to the amazing family that you belong too. But you are you and that defines JOY! Life isn’t always perfect and lovely and it is refreshing to see a young lady like you realize all of this on your own, because you take the time to seek God’s word and let it speak to you! I am so happy to know you and be your friend! Keep preachin’ it sista!

  2. OOPS! I didn’t log out my daughter Mandee – so just so you know, it’s Mrs. Brandee who sent the last comment….and this one too!

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