The Benedictions

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“Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men…” We sang out these words in our bravest timbre, hands on hips and kitchen towels in hand — kitchen cleaning had evolved into a Clarkson rendition of Les Miserables. This scene was one which repeated itself many a time in my childhood.

Flash forward ten years, and harmonies still rang out over soap suds in the rare moments when everyone is home. With each homeward journey I made, Joel and I would find ourselves at the piano, showing eachother our most recent musical finds. We began covering songs, and as we sang other people’s music, we began to find a sound of our own. Having both written music on our own, Joel and I began to share songs, collaborate, and dream. At last that dream has become a reality and we are excited to introduce our very own sibling-band to you….

The Benedictions!

All summer, Joel and I have been working away on an EP that is set to release in August. We recorded for posterity, for fun, for graduate school tuition, and because we hope that you, oh readers (and soon to be listeners!), might enjoy it! But to get the word out, we need your help! See the options below to see how you can get involved and win some musical goodies to boot!

Like the Facebook Page!

If you like the facebook ( page you will be privy to song snippets, updates, and countdown-frenzy delights. Like the page and check each day as we post!

Blogger Reviews

I am looking for bloggers to release reviews about the EP as a countdown to the release on the of August 9-15 . If you write the blog you will get to be the first to hear the EP. We will send you the unmastered version of the album along with a questionnaire you can use for composing the review. Once the physical copies of the album are released we will send you a copy in the mail with a handwritten note from Joel and myself. To volunteer, send us an email at and we will notify you if you have been chosen.


If you invite 50 of your friends on facebook to like The Benedictions facebook page ( , we will email you a custom Benedictions lyrics poster.  If you invite 50 or more friends, send us an email at and we will send a poster your way! (Oh, and by the way, if you decide to invite more than 50 people, you will hear no complaints from us!)

Our soapy harmonization has come a long way. We are pleased as punch to being so near to sharing it with you. We hope you join in the fun.

Much love and I hope you all are having beautiful summers!


Joyness (and Joel-ness)

The Benedictions PIc


4 thoughts on “The Benedictions

  1. YAHOO! This is awesome, you guys! I love listening to you guys sing together! Congrats! Nice band name. What made you come up with it? I can’t wait until the album comes out, I’m definitely buying it! 😀

  2. So I’ve commented here a couple times, but wanted to let you know that I purchased your EP. I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to hear more from you guys. And if you have printed lyrics somewhere (and I’ve missed them), could you let me know? I’m one of the nerdy people that loves to ingest the lyrics along with the music and then get even more out of the song that way. 🙂


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