Packing in Haiku

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For this detailed deprived idealist, packing is a challenge only to be mastered with a great, great deal of tea. This weeks’ packing struggle has been epic, and I have won. The only appropriate way I could think of expressing the battle was through the honored art of haiku.

Packing in Haiku

A carpet of clothes

Drawers of good intention

An empty suitcase


Too many sweaters

Lonely, single, patterned socks

Not near enough books


Chocolate I once loved

Now a part of my suitcase

*sigh* And so it goes


Sell your things and give

Administrative nightmare

And yet appealing


So that’s where you’ve been

You elusive sweater, you

Not a fan now 😦


This will be easy

I said before the undoing

Please sit on this case


Toil and tight zippers

Begetting a journeys birth

Adventures begin


The Darcy Dog is a helpful packing companion.


11 thoughts on “Packing in Haiku

  1. Hello Joy,
    I haven’t commented here for several months – a family tragedy in March left me unable to enjoy reading and left me without words for a bit…
    I have, more recently, gone back through your posts here and am impressed by the determination of your commitment to posting each week. It shows character. You have been blessed with a sharp mind, by the conversations of a godly family, and by the educational opportunities that have come your way in life, and it is wonderful to see you using those gifts from the Lord, to honour Christ.
    The particular reason for my commenting relates to your upcoming move to St Andrew’s. I wanted to mention that the young curate (late twenties, I think) from our Anglican community – St John’s Vancouver, Canada (Jordan Senner) is also going there to do studies in theology (Doctorate) this Fall. His wife, Susie, and baby girl, Annabelle, will be with him, and I know they all hope to be involved in ministry in a church community there. They are a lovely Christian family and Jordan is a gifted Bible teacher. I think Jordan is originally from California; this might be the first time living away for Susie. Just thought I’d mention them, should you be homesick and looking for someone with an accent you recognize(smile).
    Here is a link to Jordan’s sermons here in Vancouver, should you feel inclined to take a listen.
    Praying God’s blessings on your new adventure…

    • Dear Judy,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I am always blessed by your words. And thank you for directing me to the Senners! I will absolutely look for them. I’ve already been on a hunt for kindred spirits… it is a great unknown to go off to Scotland! I hope to find companions to enjoy the adventure with.
      I am so sorry to hear you experienced tragedy. I’m sending a prayer as I type this. I pray you find comfort, and a sense of hope and steadiness in the wake of your new normal. I hope to see you back here again soon; when it is right for you.

      • Thank you for letting me know you got the details for the Senners.

        Best wishes for safe travel, a very special wedding day for Sarah and her Thomas, and every success at school.

        I will continue to look out for you here.


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