Little thoughts on integrity and fear


The real grief of this election will be people compromising their integrity out of fear.

The world sometimes feels wild and out of our control.

And the truth of the matter is that most of the world is out of our control. Much to my chagrin I cannot control the world, the weather, the election, or my next door neighbour. And sometimes it is very frightening. When I don’t turn my face away, I can see the unfolding future of a world I can’t control, no matter who we elect. And fear bubbles up.

We fear what we cannot control.   

But I am in control of my integrity, my choices, my love. The choices I make will shape my world, as small as it may be. And they will shape me. And your choices will shape you. Each individual’s choices shape their world, creating ripples that will become waves that will become culture that will become history.

So I will guard my integrity fiercely because it is the one thing I can control. It is one thing a candidate can neither give nor take away from me.

My admonition to you, as to myself is this: do not live (or vote!) out of the fear of what you can’t control, but out of the integrity of your heart that you can.

So, there are my little thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Little thoughts on integrity and fear

  1. Yes, yes, and yes! This was so good, Joy! I have always loved using the comparison that our world is like a lake and our choices and decisions and how we choose to live and so on all create a ripple effect on those around us….both in big and small ways. This post was spot on, and much-needed at that!

    Blessings on your week!

    Peace and joy,

  2. This is a big, scary world, and you are right, it is very scary when we can’t control the uncertain future. We can’t control all the chaotic events, we can’t make them stop. But we are in control of how we react to all this. And most importantly–God is in control of everything. That means the violence, this election, the candidates, everything. And one day we are all going to know that better than we ever have here on this earth. ❤

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